Robotics and ad-hoc control

Sometimes, the manufacturing and inspection processes of the aeronautical industry cannot be automated with commercial robots, or they require adaptations that do not exist in the current market. These processes, either by the peculiarities of the same, or by the conditions of lack of space in which the tasks are performed, require the use of specific solutions tailored to the application.

In this sense, FADA-CATEC designs and develops both final effectors and customized robots for typical manufacturing and inspection processes in the industry. For instance, climbing robots to carry out tasks on the airframe of aircraft, such as auxiliary drilling operations; snake-type robots for the inspection of narrow spaces inside aircraft, such as wings and stabilizers; end effectors capable of welding with the most advanced ultrasound techniques, and special effectors, capable of imitating the fingers of a pilot when operating controls of commercial aircraft with protections.