Automation of advanced manufacturing processes

The manufacturing processes in the aeronautical Industry have very particular characteristics that differentiate them from those carried out in other sectors. The existence of very demanding quality requirements, production in small batches and a high variability of parts are some of the examples that demonstrate their uniqueness. For this reason, the automation of aeronautical processes requires not only robust and low-cost solutions, but also precise, versatile, with minimum tooling, and capable of working in an agile manufacturing paradigm, with simple reprogramming and reduced set-up times. FADA-CATEC has a wide experience in the robotization of traditional processes but of high relevance for the aerospace sector; such as assembly drilling, either with simple or telescopic heads; the application of sealant both on bead in the assembly of parts, and on edges of composite parts; auxiliary operations such as trimming, countersinking and chamfering; and painting processes and application of other surface treatments. The unit combines the new techniques of Artificial Intelligence to provide the robots with the necessary flexibility to deal with these processes, allowing a quick "training" of the machines to perform tasks that traditionally require years to perfect.