Industrial Design

FADA-CATEC has the capacity for the mechanical design of onboard systems in aircraft, especially actuators for flight controls and auxiliary applications. These systems have complex mechanisms such as gearboxes, spindles or differentials, and have very demanding safety and weight requirements. Likewise, FADA-CATEC has experience in the design of cold pipe aeronautical systems (hydraulic, fuel, etc.). FADA-CATEC collaborates with important companies in the aeronautical sector for the development of this type of project. FADA-CATEC also develops advanced workstations and specific equipment to assist the operator in production processes. Among other projects, different assistance tables have been designed for the manufacturing processes, supporting the positioning of aeronautical electrical harnesses and avoiding failures in the parts logistics processes. Finally FADA-CATEC designs and manufactures special tools for automated processes. Specifically, tools with sensors and actuators are developed for use in robotic manufacturing processes. These tools allow the positioning of the parts involved in the process, providing accurate position information through sensors. They also allow to hold these parts with different configurations in order to allow a continuous operation with the robot.