Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Línea de Investigación UAS

CATEC has large experience in the development of customized solutions and advanced prototypes based on UAS / drone technologies that provide solutions to real problems, or improve procedures and operations making them more efficient.

CATEC is a relevant UAS technology center at European level. The center has developed novel technologies at international level, such as aerial manipulation with drones, landing of a UAV on a mobile platform without GPS, and autonomous intelligent navigation in indoor environments.

Moreover, it is important to remark that Avionics and Systems Division has developed its own technology Autopilot, GCS (Ground Control System) and Mission System in order to provide customized solutions in a very short time.



“We are capable of developing what companies require; technological and innovative products with high added value”.


The main ways of collaboration with Avionics and Systems Division are:

  • Participating in R&D projects at European, National and Regional level
  • Direct collaboration with companies in order to develop new applications and products


Our extensive experience and know-how allow us to support you in:


  • Design and implementation of embedded on-board systems
  • Design and development of specific payloads
  • Design and development of advanced Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) techniques/algorithms
  • Develop specific applications and design advanced Ground Control Stations ( GCS)
  • Air Traffic Management systems for drones (U-space / UTM)
  • Integration, assembly and customization of UAS / drones
  • Configuration and optimization of radio-links


Advanced engineering and technical consultancy services:


  • Customized solutions development
  • Application of artificial Intelligence techniques, such as deep and machine learning, advanced perception, computer vision, and real-time processing
  • Prototypes and proof of concepts
  • Flight tests or demonstrations
  • Practical and specific training courses under request
  • Permit to flight documentation elaboration to operate RPAS/UAS in Spain





Since 2008 Avionics and Systems Division has participated in countless national and international projects related to unmanned aerial systems, developing technologies and striving to continuously innovate.

CATEC has worked in many applications covering different sectors, such as:

  • Precision agriculture
  • Industrial inspection and maintenance
  • Public safety & Security Sector
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Topography & Cartography
  • Indoor and confined spaces applications





CATEC has an extensive experience in UAS regulation at European and National level. Therefore, the Center is very active in regulation working group:

  • Member of the Informal Drone Expert Group (European Commission; DG MOVE)
  • Leading SORA Focus Team within WG-105 of EUROCAE
  • FAS Ad Hoc Group on adaptation of DO-178/ED-12 to sUAS (RTCA and EUROCAE)
  • Member of the Expert group of EASA RMT.023
  • Member of UAS group of AENOR (CTN 28)
  • Member of AESA Adviser Committee for RPAS; leading SGT1.2 (Minimum Requirements for RPAS systems)


Moreover, CATEC has achieved relevant milestones related to UAS/drone integration in airspace:


  • First Spanish BVLOS flight performed in August 2014, under the first Spanish regulation on civil drones and published in July,2014
  • First simultaneous flight of a civil drone and a manned aircraft at a Spanish airport (January 2016 in the framework of the ARIADNA project funded by SESAR
  • First flight of a drone controlled only by the 4G network (October 2017 led by Vodafone and with the collaboration of Skylife Engineering company)


Therefore, the Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies (CATEC), with more than 10 years of experience in the development of UAS / RPAS and the operation of these types of aircrafts, is in a position to offer the necessary consultancy services to those companies interested in using drone technology. Also, CATEC provides support in managing the flight documentation required by Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (AESA) or its European counterpart European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) according with drone regulations.