Antonio Periñán Butrón

Head of Additive Manufacturing unit

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineer by the University of Cadiz (2009) and M.Sc. in Product Desigh, University of Seville (2012). Performed his M.Sc. thesis for design and development of innovative assembly connectors at FADA-CATEC (2011). After that, Mr. Periñán has joined the M&P division with focus on design and fabrication for metal and thermoplastic fabrication processes by additive manufacturing technologies, especially for powder bed laser technologies for metals.

Also, Mr. Periñán is deeply involved in all related steps of the technology within the manufacturing chain including design and optimization, post processes like thermal modification, surface post-treatments, machining, quality issues, etc. He has also knowledge in NDT methods like X-ray computed tomography and industrial radiography, between others.