CATEC is a technological center that develops its activity based on seven strategic lines:

1. New composite materials, their production processes, life cycle and recycling. Automation of production, assembly, inspection and testing

2. New onboard systems: electrical, hydraulic, compressed air, fuel, etc. directed to achieve the most efficient and ecological plane.

3. New Avionics Systems and subsystems, especially with application to general aviation, sports, business and Very Light Jets.

4. New techniques of air traffic management, including management of airports and their technical facilities.

5. Unmanned Aircraft, its applications and associated technologies. Special attention to commercial, civil and security applications. The UAV's as a flight test platform.

6. Development of computational simulation techniques and their applications to systems, platforms and / or vehicles (integrated systems)

7. Development of techniques, components, subsystems, systems and spatial applications.

For all these reasons, CATEC is a development tool that bases its work on technical excellence and responsiveness to its customers and intends to become, in the coming years, one of the R & D centers of national and international reference for the development of aerospace technology.

CATEC has a staff of more than 100 researchers as well as specialized technical personnel, most of them being engineers and engineers from the Industrial, Aeronautical, Telecommunications, Materials, Computer or Chemical fields, and there are also some graduates in other technical careers.