Phased array and single element ultrasonic inspection system. C-scan generation even in curved surfaces and radii inspection

Main characteristics:

  • Manufacturer: Olympus
  • Model: OmniScan MX (Elements: 128, Aperture: 16 elements, Gain: 0-74dB, Wideband: 0.75-18MHz)
  • Phased Array linear probe 5L64-NW1: 64 elements, 5 MHz
  • Outsole SNW1-0L-IHC-C: 0º for linear phased array probe
  • Phased Array curved probe 5CC25-32-R4: 32 elementos, 5 MHz, 25 mm de radio, 90º, inspección 
  • Outsole SR4-IE90-ADJ: for inside and outside radii inspection
  • Outsolesingle element V201-RM: 5 MHz, 0,25inches or 6 mm of diameter
  • 2 axis curved encoder(wing scanner)
  • Linear encoder mini-wheel + indexer clicker system
  • Ad-hoc solutions for radii inspection