Non-Destructive Testing


  •  X-Ray computed tomographysystem for 3D characterization of components (the system allows reduced angle inspection)

Main characteristics:
Manufacturer: VJ Technologies / Fraunhofer IIS
Model: VJT-225 µ-CT
X-Ray tube: 225 KV @ 30 mA, 4.500W
Digital detector: General Electric 2.048 x 2.048 pixels
Shield: 4.000 x 3.032 x 2.827 mm3




  • Infrared thermography inspection system: pulse, transit and lock-in

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: FLIR
Model: SC7000
Resolution: 640 x 512 pixeles
Lenses: 5 mm F/2 22o x 17
Thermal sensitivity < 18 mK
Industrial PC with power distribution box
Halogen and flash lampsfor thermal excitation.




  • Laser shearography inspection system with different excitation possibilities: thermal, partial vacuum and acoustic

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: Dantec Dynamics
Laser diodes: (x4) 70 mW / 658 nm
CCD camera: 1.392x1040 pixels
Thermal excitation through 2 quartz lamps of 750 W (scan area over 700 x 700 mm²)
Acoustic excitation
Vacuum excitation





  • Phased array and single element ultrasonic inspection system. C-scan generation even in curved surfaces and radii inspection

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: Olympus
Model: OmniScan MX (Elements: 128, Aperture: 16 elements, Gain: 0-74dB, Wideband: 0.75-18MHz)
Phased Array linear probe 5L64-NW1: 64 elements, 5 MHz
Outsole SNW1-0L-IHC-C: 0º for linear phased array probe
: 32 elementos, 5 MHz, 25 mm de radio, 90º, inspección
Outsole SR4-IE90-ADJ: for inside and outside radii inspection
Outsolesingle element V201-RM: 5 MHz, 0,25inches or 6 mm of diameter
2 axis curved encoder(wing scanner)
Linear encoder mini-wheel + indexer clicker system
Ad-hoc solutions for radii inspection




  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system based on FBG sensors

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: Micron Optics
Model: sm130
Wavelengths: 1,510-1,590 nm
Sweep frequency: 1 KHz
Max FBG (theoretical): 80 x 4 channels (320)
Connectors type FC/APC.






Additive Manufacturing


  • Selective Laser Meltingsystem for polyamide(Additive Layer Manufacturing)

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: 3D Systems
Model: HiQ Sinterestation
Max. fabrication volume: 380 x 330 x 450 mm (x,y,z)
Laser scan speed: 5m/seg
Layer thickness: 100 µm (variable)
Laser power: 30 W
Available materials: Duraform® PA andHST






  • Additive Layer Manufacturing system based on SLM for metal fabrication

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: Renishaw
Model: AM250
Max fabrication volume.: 250 x 250 x 270 mm (x,y,z)
Manufacturing speed (aprox.): de 5 - 20 cm³ / hour
Layer thickness: 50 - 100 µm
Laser beam diameter: 70 µm on target powder surface
Laser power: 200W
Available materials: Stainless Steel 316L, Aluminum Al-Si-12, Ti-6Al-4V, Inconel® 718




  • Associated surface treatments

Sand blasting
Dry blasting station

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: Abrasivos y Maquinarias S.A.
Model: SBF 8x6








Topology Optimization


  • HyperWorks 13.0. Structural Analysis and Topology Optimization

    HyperWorks 13.0 (Altair Engineering). The main modules involved in Topology Optimization process are HyperMesh, OptiStruct and HyperView.


Mechanical Characterization at coupon level


  • Droptower for impact testing

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: CEAST
Model: 9350
Max. impact energy: 1800 J
Impact speed: 0.75-24 m/s
Impact mass: 1.5 y 70 kg
Impact height: 30-1,100 mm
Temperature chamber: -70ºC to +150ºC
Sampling frequency: 1kHz-2MHz

Hemispherical normalized impactor for CAI tests





  • Universal machine for static testing

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: ZWICK
Model: Z100
Type: Electro-mechanical
Capacity: 100 KN tensile / compression
Work area wide: 640 mm
Work area height (without tooling): 1,534 mm
Crossbar velocity: 0.0005 mm/min to 300 mm/min
Tensile tests clamps (up to 100 KN)
Compression plates with ball joint positioning
Clip-on Zwick extensometer
Software driver: TestExpert
Analog outputs:Force/Displacement




  • Digital Image Correlation

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: GOM Gmbh
Resolution: 2448 x 2050 pixeles
Lenses: 8 mm, 12 mm and 23 mm
Analyzed volume: from 80 x 65 x 4.7 mm3 up to 2,100 x 1,950 x 2,100 mm3
Maximum sampling frequency: 15 Hz (per camera)
Software ARAMIS 5M: Deformation measurement
Software PONTOS 5M: 3D coordinates and 3D displacements measurements




  • Modal analysis system for dynamic characterization of structures

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: LMS
Sensors channels ICP (piezoelectrics):16
Tachometers channels: 2
Output channels: 2
Input for 8 Gbs compact flash card
Analyzer mode and autonomous mode
Ethernet interface for PC communications
Internal GPS system
Uniaxial and multi-axial accelerometers
Impact hammer and microphone (sensibility: 50 mV/Pa)
Shaker: Force 58 N. Displacement: 18 mm




Structural testing


  • 4.000 KN universal test machine for static and dynamic tests

Main characteristics
Hydrostatic actuator PL 4000kN / 250mm displacement
Dynamic load cell up to 4 MN
Maximum distance between load cell and base: 3,793 mm
Testing plate base of 2,500 x 1,500 mm
Dynamic tests soft:WaveMatrix










  • Actuators for multi-axial testing

2 x 630kN actuators
Main characteristics
Manufacturer: INSTRON
Model: PL630N
Maximum static load: ±630kN
Maximum dynamic load: ±600kN
Maximum displacement: 250 mm
Linear transducer
Load cell model PM630LG

2 x 250KN actuators
Main characteristics
Manufacturer: INSTRON
Model: PL250N
Maximum static load: ±250kN
Maximum dynamic load: ±200kN
Maximum displacement: 250 mm
Linear transducer
Load cell model PM250LG

2 x 100KN actuators
Main characteristics
Manufacturer: INSTRON
Model: PL100N
Maximum static load: ±100kN
Maximum dynamic load: ±80kN
Maximum displacement: 250 mm
Linear transducer
Load cell model PM100L




  • Testing plate

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: STOLLE
Size: 4000 x 3000 x 600 mm
Maximum dynamic load: 650kN (vertical and horizontal)
T-slots DIN 650 28H12 axis separation 250 mm (longitudinal and transversal)
Surface finishing according to DIN876/III, (200µm)




  • Rigs and accesories



  • Hydraulic power plant

Main characteristics
Manufacturer: M.A.C.
Model: AMH0582
4 x units 55 kW – 90 l/min – 280±10 bar
(possibility of 2 additional units)
Variable flow with pressure compensation
Voltage 400 V 3F+T 50 Hz Independent for each unit and control unit
Control voltage 24 V DC




Environmental testing


  • Altitude chamber

Main characteristics
Model: UD 1000C
Useful volume: 900 x 900 x 900 mm3
Temperature range: -65°C/+95°C (±1°C at 1atm)
Humidity range: 20% / 95% (+20 - +80°C)
Heating/cooling rate: (RT - +100°C): 1,5K/min
Heating/cooling rate: (RT - –70°C): 1K/min
Pressure range: ambient to 1 mbar
Decompression rate: Ambient to 1 mbar in 30 min
Combined control: Temperature, humidity and pressure
Feedthroughs ISO DN K 100




  • HALT/HASS Chamber

Main characteristics
Model: UHS-1400
Max. volume: 1,150 x 1,150 x 1,540 mm3
Vibration table size: 915 x 915 mm2
Maximum weight in vibration table: 300 kg
Temperatura range: -95°C/ +195°C (±2°C)
Humidity range: 20% / 90% (+30 - +85°C)
Max. acceleration (without load)): 60 Grms (from 20 to 10,000 Hz)
Heating/cooling rate: 60 K/min
Combined control: Temperature, humidity and vibration
Steerable nozzles
Cascade control
Liquid nitrogen cooling
Feedthrough diameter 80 mm