The development areas are the engine of CATEC.
They are responsible for developing the research in the fields of Materials and Processes Engineering, Avionics and Unmanned Systems, Simulation and Software Development and Automation and Robotics.

They develop their work focused on the aerospace industry needs. These areas are specialized in providing high value-added services, in fields such as, large-scale mechanical testing of structural components, usage UAV platforms as platforms for experimentation or knowledge management conducted through surveillance technology industry or technology transfer to it.

Organizational chart


Joaquín Rodríguez Grau


Dr. Fernando Lasagni


Dr. Antidio Viguria Jiménez


Dr. Aníbal Ollero Baturone


Inmaculada Huertas Olivares


José Ramón Grela González


Angelines Ortiz del Río


Anastasio Sánchez Bernal


Dr. Eduardo Ferrera Cabanillas


Dr. Sergio González López


Antonio Periñán Butrón


Dr. Francisco Javier Pérez Grau


Miguel Ángel Trujillo Soto


Antonio Jiménez Bellido