Carlos Galleguillos Riobóo

Materials & Processes

Industrial Engineer by the Seville University (2012). Certified by the Nuclear Safety Council as Supervisor of radiation facilities (2013). Internship at the University of Seville associated to mechanical engineering projects (2011). In 2012 he has joined the team of the Materials and Processes at CATEC, developing R&D in the framework of non-destructive inspection methods such as infrared thermography, laser shearography, digital radiography and X-ray computed tomography, for metallic and composite materials.

Mr. Galleguillos is involved as well as manufacturing engineer for all related additive manufacturing (AM) technologies at CATEC, such as metallic components (SLM), thermoplastics (FDM and SLS) and composites (FDM). He also has wide expertise in design oriented for AM technologies, between others.