Avionics & Systems

CATEC has a large experience developing UAS/RPAS technologies. Avionics and Systems Division consists of more than 20 engineers and technicians developing new technologies to be transferred to companies. Several success stories have been achieved during last five years.

Avionics and Systems Division has also a wide experience working on European projects (FP7, H2020 SESAR and CleanSky), having participating in 15 European projects since 2008 (coordinating 3 of them).

Avionics and Systems Division has two main strategic lines: Unmanned Aerial Systems, and the development of new ICT technologies to improve efficiency of aeronautical manufacturing processes.


Avionics and System Division has state of the art equipment and infrastructure that allow collaborating with the most relevant companies of this sector, to both development projects and also technology transfer.

CATEC counts with HW & SW laboratories with the equipment necessary for the development and integration of on-board systems in drones/UAS. The laboratories count with all the necessary tools, such as rapid prototyping machines, soldering and cabling tools, electronic instrumentation, etc. Its extension is 1.000m2 approximately.

Dr. Antidio Viguria Jiménez

CTO Avionics & Systems

Dr. Miguel Ángel Trujillo Soto

Head of Autonomous Systems unit

Dr. Francisco Javier Pérez Grau

Head of Perception and AI

Dr. Francisco Alarcón Romero

Head of ATLAS unit

Antonio Jiménez Bellido

Head of On-Board Systems unit


Advanced Center for Aerospace Technology (CATEC) is the main Spanish technology center developing technologies for small and light drones. Avionics and Systems personnel have a large experience developing UAS/RPAS and aerial robotics technologies; CATEC has successfully developed many innovative technologies and participated in more than 50 R & D projects since 2008.

Moreover, CATEC's Avionics and Systems Division has a large expertise developing new ICT technologies to improve efficiency in aeronautical manufacturing processes, working with large companies, such as engineering companies, and SMEs that are part of the Andalusian aeronautical sector.